Consumer Genomics and Digital Health

Digital health solutions will change the way people monitor and manage their health. We keep in view of population genomics data to precisely define individual health conditions, so that consumers can take a more proactive role to keep disease risks and complications at bay.

Clinical Studies

Great science is built on solid evidence. We gather high quality data on human microbiome composition, function and disease associations, together with therapeutic efficacy and safety for our candidate drugs. We maintain the highest level of empathy for consumers and patients while ensuring high ethical and compliance standards for the implementation and conduct of consumer and clinical studies, working in collaboration with a wide range of research partners including pharma, biotech and research institutes.

Research Partnerships

As the go-to partner for microbiome studies, we maintain high flexibility to suit the need of researchers for projects from microbiome profiling to molecular signaling mapping. We accelerate research projects by providing access to our state-of-the-art microbiome data generation capacity together with a suite of analytical tools, to address problems of mutual interest. Furthermore, we provide support for the translation and commercialization of innovative science and technology as a trusted long term partner.

Therapeutics and Diagnostics

We provide solutions to discovery of biomarkers for the prediction, diagnosis and companion diagnosis of diseases through to the development of disease modifying therapies, all designed specifically to fill the unmet clinical needs.  Fueled by our extensive databases, the initial focus areas are infectious, immune, reproductive and metabolic diseases.

Get In Touch

If any of what we do resonates with you, whether you are a medical practitioner, a patient, a researcher, an investor, a potential partner or would like to learn more about our science and technology, reach out to us.