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Therapeutic compounds found naturally inside human body through an innovative platform technology.

Harnessing microbiome health
science and AI to discover cures

The core competency of BluMaiden Biosciences relies in our expertise in dissecting the complex link between metagenomics and human health. We have streamlined the development of therapeutics through an in-house platform termed Microbiome Artificial Intelligence Drug ENabler (MAIDEN). MAIDEN challenges the norm in small molecule drug discovery where thousands of candidates are blindly screened, by making leaps in drug discovery through AI based prediction and prioritization methodologies. It enables the prediction and validation of drug like functional molecular candidates based on metagenome sequence and evidence of disease association, that hold improved biocompatibility and effectiveness. Through MAIDEN, we make:

3 Technologies We Apply

1. Machine Learning based computational biology

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2. Synthetic Biology and CRISPR

We achieve a good understanding of gene functions using state of the art gene manipulation tools and re-create microbial molecule synthesis using synthetic biology approach, turning microbes into drug producing factories.

3. Modern Functional Metabolomic and Cell Biology Tools

We use a combination of LC-MS, molecular fishing, cell and animal assays for the identification and validation of drug like molecules.

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