Real-World Evidence

Our insights are generated from a database which was built by capturing, curating and accumulation of large datasets. We gather high quality, population-scale data through BabyPass, a direct-to-consumer digital health platform with a microbiome genetic test that enables the capture of longitudinal data at a speed and diversity not possible in standard clinical setting.

Discover BabyPass

BabyPass is family digital health experience with a management suite of solutions featuring a microbiome genetic test with state-of-the-art sequencing technologies. BabyPass is fully focused on parents and children’s health. We believe that healthy parents can pass on their health to children to give them a head start in life, and that the microbiome is a key component of this early life experience. Powered by deep knowledge of the human microbiome, nutritional science and human health, we revolutionize pregnancy and child care to ensure happier and healthier families. With BabyPass, families can get insights on their microbiome health biology to make healthier lifestyle and diet choices as prophylactic strategies to manage pregnancy complications and childhood diseases.

Investing in the future
of you and your family’s health

BabyPass analyse your unique microbiome biology to provide you with insights on your health and customize ways to make healthier lifestyle and diet choices.

3 Technologies We Apply

1. State-of-the-art Sequencing Technologies

Technology is the main driver for advances in healthcare industry. At BabyPass, our tests are backed by industry leading genome sequencing platforms.

2. Computational Biology

Our core computational Biology experts has 50 years of experience combined. It is the very foundation from where health insights are derived.

3. n-of-1 study design

Longitudinal follow-up with each individual enables health tracking and a much better understanding of temporal microbiome fluctuation and link with health. This leads to

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